• addressed a Deputy of Turkish origin in a derogatory manner through Twitter.
  • the far-right leader has made clear his idea of closing synagogues and ban the Koran.
  • while polls say she has already lost second place in the elections that are held in two weeks.

<p> Geert Wilders “/> </p>
<p> the leader of the Dutch far right, Geert Wilders <strong></strong> returned Wednesday to star in a xenophobic <strong> </strong> scuffle with a member of Turkish origin, while it still does not appear in public events for security reasons and see how his party loses advantage in survey them <strong> two weeks of the general election </strong>. </p>
<p> a through your account on the social network Twitter <strong> <em> </strong> </em>where <strong> Wilders </strong> remains active, the leader of the xenophobic and anti-Muslim <strong> of the Freedom Party (PVV) </strong> asked the Dutch Deputy of Turkish origin <strong> Tunahan Kuzu </strong> that leave the country “and not ever again”, to which the personally responded Wednesday that his political program is reminiscent of “the history of the 1930s” , calling for “the closure of the mosques”. </p>
<p> “this is our land Lord Kuzu, not their land. <strong> Turkey is their land. Go fast and not return never </strong> “, wrote Wilders <strong> </strong> in a Tweet with a link to a statement from the Congressman that likened him to Adolf Hitler.” </p>
<p> in an encounter with the chain public <strong> <em> US </em>Kuzu </strong> he reaffirmed today in his remarks, justifying that he had made “a parallel” between the political program of <strong> Wilders </strong>asking close mosques and ban the Koran <strong> </strong>with the nazi leader of the 1930s, which required “prohibit the Torah <strong> </strong> (Jewish holy book) and close synagogues” It said. </p>
<h2> his party falls in surveys </h2>
<p> as <strong> Wilders </strong> continues its rhetoric across social networks after cancel their campaign events, following the arrest of an agent of his team, suspected of leaking confidential information to holandeses-marroquies criminal temporarily for security reasons, his party observed how the polls detected a negative in voting trend. </p>
<p> polls, that for months they were situated to the PVV <strong> </strong> with a loose lead, are now running this is being reduced or even that is <strong> has lost the first position </strong>according to some polls. </p>
<p> a study made by us, which collects an average of six major pollsters, it concludes that the VVD <strong> </strong> of the current Prime Minister, the liberal <strong> Mark Rutte </strong>today would get 25 seats, one above the PVV <strong> </strong>. </p>
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