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  • Breivik denounced Norway by the treatment received in prison.

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Appeal Court acquitted Thursday the State Norwegian violate human rights by the prison regime which is the ultra-right Anders Behring Breivik author of the attacks in 2011 in this Nordic country that killed 77 people .

the ruling represents a victory for the State, which had suffered in the first trial a sentence by giving breivik degrading treatment and violated article 3 of the European Convention on human rights, although in both processes came out absolved of circumventing another chapter of this Treaty on respect for private life.

the two courts recognize that isolation is justified but while the first criticizing its duration and the lack of alternatives, denouncing that Breivik lives “in a prison within a prison” and your mental health had not been considered, Appeal rejected that the Convention has been violated.

the ruling released on Wednesday in Oslo alludes to the risk of violent action for (or against) Breivik, there is no “clear indications” of mental damages and compensatory measures to defend the prison regime, and while critical initial practices as the searches naked, is not enough to speak of degrading treatment.

Breivik seems still “strongly marked by its political universe of extreme right” highlights the tribunal, which does not give validity to their statements that is no longer partisan violence, because they are not based on ethical considerations and have been accompanied by signs of repentance. On the contrary, the Court believed likely that future Breivik to plan violent acts if it is considered that the attention has been reduced about his person and his political project.

the prison authorities have promoted measures to offset the isolation – criticized in a report by the Ombudsman – promoting contact with civil servants and professionals, remember the bug, which highlights that the ultra-right has also three cells and access to television and newspapers.

appeal, which has condemned each party to pay its own costs, but invites the authorities to try short term limited Breivik’s coexistence with other inmates.

the strict communications control is that subject Breivik nor violates the Convention, said the ruling, by the need to protect society against the creation of a network of far-right and does not affect in addition to correspondence with family or friends.

the Attorney general, Fredrik Sejersted, who took over the management of the case in the second trial, praised that the ruling has made an overall appraisal of the State of Breivik, taking into account all aspects of the regime, and said that already is exploring the possibility that this may have contact with other inmates.

Øystein Storrvik lawyer of the Norwegian extremist for 38 years, also highlighted the “thoroughness and seriousness” of the sentence and highlighted in it there is concern about the effects of isolation, while it does not consider that there is violation of human rights, which announced that it will be appealed to the Supreme.

Breivik was sentenced in 2012 to 21 years renewable indefinitely by popping a van bomb that killed eight people in the complex Government of Oslo. Then, moved by car to Norway Island, West of the capital, where perpetrated a massacre in the camp of the youth labour (AUF) in which other 69 people were killed.

the Norwegian Minister of Justice, Per-Willy Amundsen was “very satisfied” by the ruling, as well as the leader of the AUF, Mani Hussaini, who reminded all those affected by the attacks, “the real victims of terrorist acts”. “I am greatly relieved. Now I just hope we don’t have to hear more (Breivik) for many years”, said the spokesman for the support group for victims, Lisbeth Røyneland.