• according to the Russian police, this viral challenge would have triggered a wave of at least 130 suicides of teenagers.
  • the challenge ends at level 50, where young people removed the life and spreads through the popular social network Vkontakte (Vk).
  • already there have been arrests, but authorities fear that it will more.


a macabre challenge is expanding in Russia especially in the social network Vkontakte (Vk) and could already have caused more than 130 suicides among adolescents who practiced it, according to the Siberian Times .

sinister and dangerous game sets a series of challenges to in total, 50, with tests such as marathons for several days without sleep watching horror movies; self-harm tattooing with a knife a whale in skin or search skyscraper from which to launch since with each level increases difficulty. In fact, when you reach level 50, game requests its victims remove life.

Yulia Konstantinova, aged 15, and Veronika Volkova, 16-year-old, removed life jumping from the top of a building apartment 14 plants in Russia and had been previously left controversial messages on the game in their social networking profiles. A boy of 15 years which had also played the blue whale was severely injured after jumping from a fifth-floor and another teenager 14 years had thrown under a train . These four victims are just a few of the many examples of young people who succumb to this dangerous game, and far from intimidating to level 50, where have to die, is suicide.

Yulia, one of the teenagers who committed suicide, posted a message on Instagram where he said ‘end’ next to the picture of a blue whale symbol of the game. This message has helped agents in investigations and even longer arrests have been made.

 blue whale

in addition, the authorities managed to save three teenagers until suicidaran and a director of a school said to have received a anonymous call that warned him that a student who had joined the”group of death” was going to take away the life .

the Russian police fears that the challenge to expand even more and considers it a serious danger for its dissemination in networks.