• new rule shall enter into force here a few months.
  • was approved with the votes in favor of PS, PCP and PEV and bread and the abstentions of the PSD and CDS in Parliament last Friday.

 soup vegetarian

public canteens of Portugal are obliged to include in your menu at least one vegetarian dish . Thus, votes in favor of PS, PCP and PEV and bread with the abstentions of the PSD and CDS, this law was passed in Parliament last Friday, according to published Republic newspaper.

the new rule, requested in a petition signed by more than 15,000 people and from an elaborate law project bread (Personas-Animales – nature) and the left and the Greens, block offers the guarantee of diversity and the presence of nutrients that comply with the rules of a diet healthy and balanced to specify that the vegetarian menus are guided by qualified technicians.

in this way, all the dining rooms and cafes State must have at least one option that does not contain any animal products.  The law does affect the meals in cafeterias and canteens in schools and universities, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, local authorities and social services of the public administration and shall enter into force from here a few months.

André Silva PAN Deputy said that the implementation of the Act will be “simple” since “dining services have a body of management which, in turn, is responsible for the area of nutrition”. Anyway, the General Directorate of health (DGS) has produced a manual for those who wish to follow a vegetarian diet in a healthy way.