• according to the Jewish community center of America Association, more than 80 of its centers suffered telephone intimidation.
  • Trump began on Tuesday his first speech before Congress condemning anti-Semitism as a form of hate and evil.
  • the latest example of attack are the graves overturned and broken at a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

 attacks anti-Semites in the U.S.

a wave of anti-Semitism is striking since the beginning of the year to United States where many Jewish centers have received more than 100 threats of bomb attacks and suffered hundreds of tombs in cemeteries.

according to the Jewish community center of America Association more than 80 of its centers suffered telephone intimidation, detected in 33 States of United States – and 2 Canadian provinces – during January, February and March.

those Jewish community centers received calls to vacate its facilities, which include schools, by bomb threats that ended up being false.

in addition, the vandalizacion of a Jewish cemetery in Rochester (New York) that it occurred last Thursday, is the third assault on Jewish cemeteries in the country in recent weeks. This destruction of tombstones is in addition to the hundreds of graves that were vandalized in Jewish cemeteries of Philadelphia and Saint Louis (Missouri) where moved last week us Vice President, Mike Pence to condemn such acts.

the last case of this type of attack occurred Sunday at a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn (New York) . At least five tombstones were broken and overturned.

in addition, four mosques have been torched in United States in that far this year, according to the Council of Islamic Affairs – United States which reported 139 incidents of “damage, destruction or vandalism” in mosques during 2016, a record figure since the beginning of this calculation, in 2009.

the regional director in New York of the League anti-defamation (ADL, for its acronym in English), Evan Bernstein has ensured that the current wave of anti-Semitism in the U.S. is “unprecedented”.

only one arrested

at the moment, the only detainee by 8 of the 100 threats is Juan Thompson a 31 year old black man who has shown through their social networks its rejection to the President Donald Trump and who kept a campaign to harass his family posing as her to intimidate.

the suspect, arrested in the State of Missouri and accused of actions of cyber bullying with a maximum of five years in prison sentence, worked as a journalist for the Intercept information research portal, but was fired last year.

the executive director of the Institute for the study of Global anti-Semitism and policy (ISGAP), Charles Asher Small said that today’s anti-Semitism comes both from the extreme right, which has been reinforced in the United States, as of the extreme left.

the presidential elections last November, which won Trump accounted for the emergence of the alt-right a right-wing movement associated with a feeling anti-immigration, anti-Semitism and a disregard for political correctness.

various prominent members of the alt-right have actively supported Trump and even one of its great leaders, Steve Bannon is White House strategist, Chief of the .

“attacks that we face now does not have their origins in the Government of Trump but it is true that anti-Semitic speeches, against other minorities and immigrants are dangerous”, added Small in reference to the controversial Tycoon comments about certain minorities.

Trump condemns it

after receiving criticism for not condemning actions against American Jews, Trump began his first speech Tuesday to Congress condemning anti-Semitism as a form of hate and evil.

“the recent threats against the Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries (…) reminds us that we can be a nation divided into policies, we are a country that condemns hatred and evil in all its forms “, he said.

for his part, the Director of the Belfer Institute for Latino Affairs and Latin Americans of the American Jewish Committee (ACJ) Dina Siegel Vann said that the authorities have to give a reply, to catch the culprits and to act accordingly.

“the authorities must send a message very clear that these acts are not permissible, call him by his name, and at the same time to be vigilant”, said Siegel Vann . “Society – he added – has to understand that these attacks are not only against minorities, but on a whole. Insofar as there are these attacks, all of society is undermined.”