• the number of deaths could amount to 10, seven of them children.
  • the concert was attended by 300,000 people but the place only had capacity for 250,000.
  • according to eyewitnesses, the situation in concert is overflowed by the dropping of bombs from DIN and pyrotechnics.
  • when Solari for the concert: “There are people on the floor…”.

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<p> at least <strong> </strong> two people <strong> died </strong> EEST Saturday night by a <strong> avalanche </strong> during a concert by the Indian singer Solari <strong> </strong> in the Argentine town of Olavarria <strong> </strong>although the number of dead could be higher, local media reported. </p>
<p> the deceased two are, apparently, <strong> two adult men about 40 years old </strong> and that do not reside in Olvarria, the town that hosted the concert, according to sources from the Ministry of health of the municipality located 360 km northeast of Buenos Aires. The sources added that there is a <strong> woman in critical situation </strong> with cardiorespiratory problems. </p>
<p> However, hospital sources claimed to the newspaper La Nación <em> </em> the deceased <strong> </strong> <strong> could amount to 10 </strong>seven of them children and three adults. [</p>
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    an avalanche was recorded during the recital of the Indio Solari and there are dead https://t.co/hzQ9U9ROYw pic.twitter.com/xipyGypvHm

    – LA NACIÓN (@LANACION) March 12, 2017

    according to eyewitnesses, the situation in concert overflowed by pumps of DIN and pyrotechnics release. Due to the lack of control and DIN among an audience of over 200,000 people, occurred avalanches that caused that own singer called attention from the stage, to the 30 minutes of starting the show, about the confusion that can be seen from its position.

    Solari stopped the action to ask people that not pisase to twenty youth who had fallen to the ground.

    “must be drunk not walked on”, said the musician, who, after the lights are lit and given the magnitude of the tragedy asked the presence of members of the Civil Defense according to witnesses cited by local media. [

    the Organization of the event, which was attended by numerous private security personnel, was provided by the municipality of Olavarría and of Indio Solari, singer, music producer together Skay Beilinson , he led the band rock and roll Patricio Rey and sus Redonditos de Ricota .

    after avalanches, uncertainty gripped the place due to uncontrolled movements attendees and the collapse of mobile phone networks by the large number of users of the same.

    consulted witnesses pointed out the good response of health services of Olavarria, who attended dozens of contusionados and wounded of mild character under the coordination of the Secretary of health of the municipality.

    the doors of the venue which hosted the concert, whose land was partly muddy because of the recent rains, opened half an hour earlier than planned, to facilitate access to the large amount of tickets sold . Local media reported that concert-goers reached 300,000, although the place only had capacity for 250,000.