• is the greater transfer achieved with States with which no bilateral agreement.
  • Peru is the country with more Spanish in prison, most for drug trafficking.
  • also repatriate another group of 19 Spaniards in a precarious situation.

 Alfonso Dastis in Lima

a group 31 Spanish who are in prisons in Peru, mostly by drug trafficking will be repatriated next Thursday 16th, that fulfilled the rest of his sentence in Spain .

this agreement was closed during the meeting the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Dastis, on Monday with his Peruvian counterpart, Ricardo Luna during his official visit to Lima.

Dastis reported that another group of 19 Spaniards that are in precarious situation in Peru will also repatriate to .

the transfer will be funded by the Spanish Government and will be on a plane of the European Agency of la Guardia’s borders and coasts (Frontex) found in the area.

is the operation of repatriation of prisoners more numerous Spain has carried out with countries with which it has signed agreements for enforcement of sentences in their places of origin, provided that the defendant requests it.

Peru is the country where more Spanish prisoners met condemnation abroad, about 350 ahead of France, Colombia and Morocco.

Dastis thanked the Government of Peruvian President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to facilitate this operation, prompted by complaints that had in the delay of shipments of the damned. Moon said that operation is a sign of “the capacity and sensitivity to social and human rights” of the Government of Peru and, in particular, its Minister of Justice, Soledad Pérez Tello.

the Peruvian Government has also put in place in recent months a programme of legal reform for simplifying formalities for the implementation of prison benefits foreign prisoners, who favoured close to 40 Spanish prisoners.