• Ankara suspended relations at a high level with Netherlands.
  • is a new chapter in the escalation of tension between the two countries.
  • Wilders calls to close borders in the Netherlands.
  • a polarized Holland seeks a new leader before the rise of xenophobia.
  • Erdogan: “Mrs Merkel, are supporting terrorism”.


Turkey refused permission landing to Dutch diplomatic flights futures will prevent the return of the Ambassador of Holland to Ankara and suspend all meetings planned policies, announced Monday first Deputy Turkish Minister and spokesman of the Government, Numan Kurtulmus.

the Executive of Ankara takes these measures of pressure to forcing Holland to apologize by treatment to Turkish Minister of family and Social Affairs, Fatma Betül Sayan, who on Saturday was held in Rotterdam, where I tried to give a political rally, and was then expelled to Germany.

“first have decided not to allow the return of the Dutch Ambassador, currently on vacation abroad, until our conditions are met, and not give permission to the diplomatic flights from Holland”, said Kurtulmus on a live broadcast by the NTV network press conference.

pointed out that this measure “is only limited to official visits and diplomatic flights who want to use Turkish airspace, and does not affect Dutch citizens”.

“second, until Holland does not offer compensation for what he has done, we decided to suspend and postpone all relationships high level planned, as well as meetings and interviews of Ministers and top”, added.

in addition, the Turkish Islamist Government transacts currently a recommendation to the Parliament in Ankara so extinguished, from its part, the Group of friendship that remains with the House of Holland.

“this crisis is not the responsibility of Turkey, or we want it,” said Kurtulmus, who promised to “Act responsible, but determined, and taking special care not to face the Dutch people with Turkey”.