• the seven-year-old girl, comes out in the American channel HBO documentary Cries From Syria about the war in in that country.
  • “We are the children of Syria, we are not terrorists are like your children”, says in a video posted by ‘The Daily Beast’.

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<p> <strong> girl Bana Alabed </strong>it became known by the Twitter account managed by his mother which recounted the situation of Aleppo (Syria), participated in the American channel HBO documentary Cries From Syria <em> <strong> </em> </strong>. </p>
<p> the film, directed by Evgeny Afineevsky <strong></strong> shows, through footage of activists and “citizen journalists”, as well as various testimonies of children, combatants, citizens and members of NGOs, the situation of a country that has served seven years of civil war. </p>
<p> according to Unicef, only in 2016 at least <strong> 652 children were killed in Syria </strong>20% more than the previous year; 2.8 million children live in the country. In addition, twelve towns are under siege, which prevents that 644,000 people, 411.000 of them minors, access to humanitarian aid. </p>
<p> the U.S. President, Donald Trump <strong> </strong>has authorized the CIA to use their drones to attack suspected terrorists, a command that applies specifically to the operations of the CIA in Syria. In addition, it has become to sign an immigration decree to veto the entry into the country, among others, of Syrian citizens. </p>
<p> in a video posted on The Daily Beast on the occasion of the premiere of <em> Cries From Syria </em>Bana Alabed, seven-year-old, launches with tears a message to Trump. The child ran away from Aleppo and was resettled in Turkey. “<strong> are the children of Syria, we are not terrorists, </strong> are like your children,” says, “the children deserve to live”. </p>
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