• the conservative candidate for the Presidency of France was indicted Tuesday for embezzling public funds.
  • says that “exceptional calendar” that has taken the judicial procedure frees you from the commitment which made in January not to be candidate if it was imputed.
  • Fillon has insisted that he is “innocent” and that “justice, although late time, will demonstrate that innocence”.

<p> François Fillon “/> </p>
<p> the right candidate to the presidential elections in France, <strong> François Fillon </strong>denounced on Wednesday a “instrumentalization” of Justice against him, which has resulted in its allocation for embezzlement, among other charges, and has stated that it will resist. </p>
<p> “from the moment that there is a <strong> instrumentalization of Justice </strong> is impossible give because that would mean that it is not the French people which appoints its President”, Fillon underlined in an interview with the radio station Radio Classique <em> </em>. </p>
<p> <strong> conservative candidate has insisted that it is “innocent” </strong> and that “justice, although late time, will demonstrate that innocence”, but now wants to devote himself to the defense of his electoral program, and has advanced that when ask you about the judicial inquiry that is object sent to his lawyer. </p>
<p> <strong> “Have decided to resist” </strong>has insisted, before explaining why going to renege on the commitment to not be candidate in case of being indicted that it made in late January when it jumped the scandal for allegedly fictitious jobs attributed with public money to his wife and two of his sons as parliamentary assistants. </p>
<p> Fillon has ensured that <strong> “calendar exceptional” </strong> which has taken the judicial procedure a few weeks before the presidential elections, scheduled for April 23 and may 7, “releases le this commitment if not candidate if it was accused”. </p>
<p> according to his analysis, the “instrumentalisation” of Justice in his case is intended to prevent him from “be a candidate for the presidential elections and, if possible, <strong> that right and the Center has no candidate” </strong> so confrontation is limited to the left and the far-right leader Marine Le Pen. </p>
<p> to be asked about who would be behind this maneuver, Fillon has not designated anyone in particular, has ensured that he respects justice and said to be convinced that <strong> are not the judges who have established the calendar </strong>. </p>
<p> “this situation is abnormal, we entered a campaign presidential and <strong> the French are entitled to a debate </strong> in what we want for the country”, has argued. </p>
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