• the candidate for the Presidency of France met when he was economy Minister with leaders of various French emerging companies in Las Vegas.
  • the evening was commissioned without competition prior to the Havas group by Business France, economy-dependent body, then directed by Macron.
  • the inquiries shall determine if Business France could choose to Havas without a contest.

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<p> the Prosecutor’s Office of Paris has opened an investigation <strong> </strong> <strong> Emmanuel Macron presidential candidate </strong> by alleged favoritism in the Organization of an evening in which this met with French businessmen in Las Vegas (USA) when he was Minister of the economy, said Tuesday judicial sources. </p>
<p> the meeting goes back to January 6, 2016, when Macron was found with various French emerging companies </strong> <strong> leadership at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of the American city. </p>
<p> the evening, as revealed on March 7 the satirical weekly <em> Le Canard Enchaîné </em><strong> was without competition prior to the Havas Group </strong> by Business France, Agency for the promotion of the French technology under the Ministry of economy, then directed by Macron. </p>
<p> the total cost amounted to <strong> 381.759 </strong> euros, of which 100,000 euros were dedicated to accommodation. </p>
<p> judicial sources pointed out that the investigation has been opened after <strong> failures detected by the General inspection of finance </strong> under the conditions of organization of that Act, which was baptized with the name of ‘French Tech Night’. </p>
<p> inquiries have been entrusted to the Central Office to fight the financial offences and prosecutors (OCLCIFF), according to the radio station France Inter, and must determine if Business France <strong> could choose to Havas without a competition </strong>. </p>
<p> the current candidate highlighted the day who met the case that his Ministry has always respected rules on invitations to tender but <strong> asked </strong> facts, are checked while its environment pointed out that he doesn’t see is implicated by such suspicions. </p>
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