• his xenophobic Freedom Party has lost some support in the polls, but becomes well located to the polls on Wednesday in the Netherlands.
  • the right-wing leader also said that “islam is the greatest threat to the Netherlands” and poses a threat to “the rule of law”.
  • Wilders calls close borders and to monitor Muslims with a “police of the Quran”.
  • a polarized Holland seeks a new leader before the rise of populism.

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<p> the Dutch ultra-right Geert Wilders <strong></strong> leader of the xenophobic Freedom Party <strong> (PVV), </strong> said on Tuesday that the Prophet Muhammad <strong> </strong> is <strong> “a Lord of war and a pedophile,” </strong> in the debate on closure of the electoral campaign that welcomed the Parliament building in the Hague, and involving the leaders of the <strong> thirteen Parties </strong> most important in Holland. </p>
<p> Wednesday about <strong> 12.6 million </strong> voters Dutch are called to the polls in the Netherlands to choose the composition of its future Parliament and, therefore, the Government that will lead the country for the next four years. </p>
<p> “islam represents <strong> the greatest threat </strong> to the Netherlands. Our future is at stake,”said Wilders, protagonist of this meeting, which lasted more than one hour and that was divided into short debates two to large parties and three for children. </p>
<p> the populist said to have “fears that <strong> the rule of law disappears </strong> if it is given space to islam”. His opponent, Gert-Jan Segers <strong></strong> Christian Union (UC) replied that the restriction of freedom or “a ban on the Quran <strong> is not the way to combat” </strong> Holland problems. “You have legitimate objections to islam, but the fight has to be approached in a different way. The fight has to do with <strong> the pride of our freedoms”, </strong> said Segers, to Wilders. </p>
<p> the current Prime Minister, the liberal Mark Rutte <strong></strong> was a bit tired during the debate, as opposed to the “face to face” against Wilders on Monday, and gave the impression of being influenced by the management of the Government in the diplomatic crisis with Turkey. Rutte said he was proud of the way in which has prevented the two Turkish ministers campaign events and reiterated that it would act the same way if the situation should return to repeat in the future. </p>
<p> in a confrontation with the leader of the Greens <strong> Jesse Klaver, </strong> the Prime Minister considered that the left-wing politician “is <strong> too generous to asylum-seekers”, </strong> since criticized the agreement of immigration with Turkey. </p>
<p> the social democratic Lodewijk Asscher <strong></strong> current Deputy Prime Minister, also discussed with Wilders and his arguments were strongly contested by the populist: <strong> “Holland is Dutch </strong> who have chosen our country to one hundred percent,” said Wilders, criticizing the hundreds of Turks who marched this weekend in favour of the President of Turqiia , Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and against the Dutch Government. </p>
<p> the electoral debate closed three weeks of campaign in the Netherlands, which were by the debate about Dutch identity <strong></strong> the integration of immigrants <strong></strong> <strong> European Union </strong> and <strong> health system changes. </strong> </p>
<h3> ally of Le Pen and defender of Trump </h3>
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<p> throughout the campaign, Wilders has not hesitated to intersperse your personal situation with the policy to make it clear what your message is and <strong> proclaim </strong> victim of a system that wants to change. The training which he founded in 2006, the PVV has gained adherents at the same rate that has increased the popularity of its leader, embraced by a <strong> wave of populism </strong> that has also taken root in other European countries. </p>
<p> Ferviente defender of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and close ally of the leader of the French national front, Marine Le Pen, Wilders on Wednesday reach their most important elections, in which for the first time <strong> part with options </strong> his party become the group most represented in the Dutch Parliament. </p>
<p> does not seem to have him past Bill <strong> </strong> sentence he received in December <strong> by </strong> discrimination to incite his followers chanting they wanted fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. In fact, just weeks repeated its call to act against <strong> “Moroccan junk” ago. </strong> </p>
<p> the Prime Minister Mark Rutte, has admitted this week that there is <strong> a “real risk” </strong> that Wilders prevails in the election of members of Parliament, while the head of Government has already made clear that it will not negotiate an Alliance by the PVV for being contrary to the “freedoms” and “values” which are presupposed you to Dutch society. </p>
<p> the rise of Wilders, therefore, threatens to plunge to Netherlands in a <strong> complex political arithmetic. </strong> Rutte might be doomed to negotiate with a wide range of parties that have as main common bond the animosity towards the far-right formation. </p>
<h3> Rutte, favoured by the crisis with Turkey </h3>
<p>however, and according to a survey published Tuesday, the PVV of Wilders would be suffering a considerable reduction support <strong></strong> in favor of his rival, Rutte, who has taken advantage of the management of the <strong> </strong> diplomatic crisis with Turkey. According to the study, a majority of <strong> of the VVD and the PVV voters support Rutte actions, </strong>who recently stopped two Ministers Turks celebrate an act of campaign in Rotterdam to defend the referendum called on Turkey to April 16. </p>
<p> <strong> VVD </strong> amounts of the 24 seats in the weekend polls to <strong> </strong> while Wilders, 27 <strong> drops from 20 to 16 seats. </strong> matches in second place in the latest survey are D66 and GroenLinks with 20 seats each, followed by CDA with 19. The PvdA labour party, which are in the current Government coalition with 38 members, would stay with only 12 seats, in seventh place. </p>
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