• the Niagara Falls, landscape desolated after the American civil war, or the development of the railway were documented in images of the 19th century.
  • the first photographers in the country found in the very young medium as a tool to build national identity.
  • a sign in Washington focuses on exclusive first photos taken in the East of the PRE-BANKRUPTCY

 'Crawford Notch and Hotel, White Mountains, New Hampshire, 1840-1842

before advancing toward the great unknown West and document it in paintings and photos to lionize him as a mythological scene of the United States. , the artists of the 19th century found in the landscape of the East the germ to build the American national identity.

a except for the images of the civil war (1861-65), the first photos taken in East had never been exclusive protagonists of an exhibition. The National Gallery of Art in Washington break the curse with the newly opened sample East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography ( to the East of the Mississippi: American photography of the 19th century ), in poster until July 16.

the untouched wild landscape of Rapids, waterfalls and forests; the catastrophic scenario after the war, the dramatic transformation which marked industrialization. The 175 photographs illustrate the development of the young country for a century. Daguerreotypes, salt papers, copies to albumin or stereograms are exhibited in chronological and thematic blocks.

among the most attractive pieces are the oldest photos, created shortly after the technology developed by the French Jacques-Louis – Mandé Daguerre to reach the East coast of the United States at the end of 1839. The Niagara Falls were already recurrent in paintings and prints and also soon were in the picture, the first images the British scientist took the Hugh Lee Pattinson already in April 1840. Shortly thereafter, the dentist Samuel Bemis photograph in a series of daguerreotypes the extensive mountain range of the White Mountains, in New England.

the tourist of the Langenheim brothers

business it did not hesitate to use your photo to promote tourist destinations from Boston, New York and Philadelphia, the Langenheim brothers – born in Germany and saw clear business and in July 1845 created a “widescreen” format series of five daguerreotypes, mounted in the same frame alongside other Emirates young to the United States -. They were the first photographers to travel the country taking and selling famous tourist views.

two of the most significant photographic works of the civil war are also exhibited. Alexander Gardner and George Barnard reflected in two publications in 1866 the scene changed and devastated from the battlefield. Other sections of the exhibition reveal the closeness between the first photos and paint or interest in the novel railway landscapes and coal mines which is expanding by Northeastern Pennsylvania.

in contrast to the industrial progress, in the last decade of the 19th century there is increasingly greater awareness in preserving the natural landscape . Seneca Ray Stoddard complaint in an image titled Drowned Lands of the Lower Raquette, Adirondacks ( flood lands of the Lower Raquette, Adirondacks ) the flooding of the land next to the Lower Raquette River in the State of New York, result of deforestation.