• NASA scientists believe that this strange Moon of Saturn was formed within the gaseous planet rings.
  • the distinctive Crest that crosses its Equator appeared after the Moon formed, according to experts.

 Moon bread of Saturn </p>
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<p> NASA scientists have revealed the theory of <strong> why the bread of Saturn moon shaped ravioli </strong>. On March 7, the Cassini spacecraft captured images that showed for the first time about the strange form of this small moon. Cassini managed these images to 24.300 km of bread and has improved the level of detail that until now had been noted the curious moon. </p>
<p> a statement from NASA, Cassini scientists believe that bread was formed <strong> within Saturn’s rings </strong>whose ring material gave rounded shape to its central mass, while the outside of the ring system was quite young. Therefore, bread probably has a core of icy material that is denser than the softer mantle that surrounds it. </p>
<p> in addition, it is believed that the ‘crest’ distinctive and thin located in ecuador’s Pan <strong> appeared after the Moon is formed </strong> and gaped between Saturn’s rings now resides. At that point, the ring was as thin as it is today, but there were material accumulated on the moon. However, at the end of the process, the material falling on the moon <strong> did only on its equatorial region </strong>which formed a tall and narrow ridge. </p>
<p> in greater body and with more mass, this Crest would not be so high (on the body) because the gravity would make it to flatten. But Pan <strong> gravity is so weak </strong> that the material of the ring falls on bread and accumulates. Other dynamic forces prevent the crest to grow indefinitely. </p>
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Space ravioli? No, it’s Saturn’s moon Pan. [@CassiniSaturnimagesareclosestevertakenofthisoddshapedmoon:https://tco/iXw8VX0682pictwittercom/9B15ZSdyZD

– NASA (@NASA) March 9, 2017