EFE had been looking for

  • the police since Thursday.
  • want to know if it helped the author to get weapons.
  • a student loaded weapon wounds 4 people in a firefight.


French police arrested Friday best friend author firefight on Thursday in Grasse, had been sought in the last 24 hours before suspicions that he helped his partner, official sources reported.

the young, 17, was arrested about 30 kilometers from the town of the South of France by an agent who identified his face thanks to the alert Search launched by the police.

twin brother was arrested on Thursday night and was also placed under arrest.

police officers want to know if the friend, who yesterday was not the Institute, helped the author of the shooting in the search for weapons or if he was aware of his plans and did not prevent it.

student harassed

the incident took place at noon on Thursday, at a time in which many students flocked to the dining room. The French Government said that it was “ Act loco a young fragile fascinated by firearms”.

the Prosecutor’s Office in Grasse said their motivation seems”related to the bad relations he had with other students of the same school”, in which “had some difficulties to integrate”.

in his interrogation, according to noted chain BFM TV, confessed that she felt “harassed” by some students and that he wanted “revenge”.