• the Minister of defence of Germany, Ursula von der Leyen, has accused Trump that launched a lie to say that the Government in Berlin due to NATO “enormous sums of money” in Exchange for protection.
  • the Minister pointed out that defense spending also goes to the peacekeeping missions of the United Nations and the fight against the Islamic State.
  • Trump accuses Germany of owe “large sums of money”.
  • Trump says that immigration “is not a right” and reiterated that Obama spied them and Merkel.
  • Merkel asks him a handshake to Trump and this ignores her.

 von der Leyen

Minister defense Germany, Ursula von der Leyen has accused the President of United States, Donald Trump which launched a lie to say that the Government of Berlin due to NATO “enormous sums of money” in Exchange for receiving protection.

do not have debts with the NATO “, said the Minister in a statement where regrets that Trump only limit NATO commitment of expenditure in defense of its member countries: a 2% of GDP to 2024.

“defense spending is also dedicated to UN peacekeeping missions European missions and our contribution in the fight against the Islamic State “, pointed out by Von der Leyen in the note, picked up by German newspaper Die Welt.

“what we all want is a burden-sharing, and that needs a modern concept of security. “This not only requires NATO modernization, but also of the European Union in the sphere of Defense, as well as of United Nations”, has indicated.

before driving back to his hotel of Mar – Lake, Trump used this Saturday Twitter to deny so-called “false media” reports about misunderstandings and chill with Merkel to highlight his “great”, in capital letters, meeting Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel .

“in all ways”, added the President, “ Germany must be enormous sums of money to NATO and you have to pay more to the United States to change the powerful protection and very face, given to Germany”, as estimated in tune with one of its main campaign messages in it comes to international politics.