• in the last quarter of 2016, the wealth generated by tourism fell by 3.3 percent, according to U.S. Government data published this week.
  • immigration veto has brought visitors from all over the world cancelling their trips for fear that will complicate them entry into the controls.
  • reservation of airline tickets web sites have detected falls in sales of tickets since the victory of Trump, who has been accentuated after taking possession.
  • the President’s policies could deter of travels to USA to 6.3 million foreigners, equivalent to losing 30,000 million dollars annually.


the President of the United States, Donald Trump, meets this two months in office Monday, long enough to run into the complex reality of governing a country where the occupant of the White House needs to deal with the Congress and confront a strict judicial system.

since it took possession on 20 January, Trump has ruled based on executive orders nearly twenty actions that has made use of his presidential power, but some of the most controversial have stumbled upon the courts and are even beginning to take its toll on sectors such as tourism giving work to more than 7.7 million people in that country.

so far unfulfilled orders of Donald Trump veto towards refugees and citizens of Muslim-majority countries have made foreign tourists to receive one U.S. less receptive . According to the consultant Forward Keys, after the first immigration veto, tourist bookings in the United States began to fall 6.5% and that, with the announcement that will produce another revised ban to avoid judicial suspension, descents were repeated, this time from 4%.

reservation of tickets, such as kayaking or Hopper, web sites have also detected falls in sales of passages since Trump victory in last November’s elections. But these declines have accented with the issuance of the two presidential decrees (January 27 and March 6) to temporarily suspend the program’s host of refugee and the arrivals to the United States from six countries of Muslim majority (Libya, Somalia, Sudan, the Yemen, Iran and Syria).

those migratory vetoes have been temporarily suspended by the courts, that hasn’t stopped visitors from all over the world outside the affected Nations cancelling their trips to the United States for fear that will complicate them entry at immigration controls of the airports.

Hostelling International USA, a non-profit that manages hostels across the country, has received cancellations of bookings of large groups of young people New York of countries not affected by the veto of Trump, for fear that those with dual nationality to be interrogated or they can not enter United States.

Michael W. McCormick, executive director of the Association of travel agencies of business GBTA, ensures that the second veto “is much more limited and clear ” and notes that “all restrictions the travellers must be based on security and should not prevent travel unnecessarily”.

Patricia Rojas-Ungar, Vice President for government relations of the employer US Travel Association, that held the drafting of the second executive order, revised in March on the veto is expressed in the same line. In his view, “a reinforcement of security” is necessary and the Government of Trump has been “more prudent” in the drafting of the second veto revised, but remains to be seen if the tourists, especially Europeans, they put aside their concerns.

in the last quarter of 2016, the wealth generated by tourism fell a 3.3% according to data from the US Government published this week, a first digit official that includes the choice of Trump in November.

according to estimates by the consulting firm Tourism Economics, rhetoric and isolationist policies of Trump could deter travel to the United States to 6.3 million foreigners which, extrapolated to the average visitor expenditure, would be tantamount to losing 30,000 million dollars a year in revenue.

this is a blow to an industry that generates 1.77 billion dollars in the United States, which is at the head of the ranking of countries that travelers and money to attract industry, ahead of competitors such as Spain, France or China.

the rhetoric of Trump against refugees and Muslims or in favor of a wall on the border with Mexico does not seem to be benefiting a sector, tourism, which has great potential to generate jobs especially because only from 2011, with the creation of ‘Brand USA’, United States is promoted abroad as a destination.

“perception is as strong as the reality. Perception of welcome is important and we must make it clear that tourists are welcome to the country, having the doors open,”said Rojas-Ungar. Trump, a tourism entrepreneur, knows very well the importance of the perception of welcome and the competitive world market, than if suffers in the United States could especially affect his hometown, New York, and one of the States that took him to the White House, Florida.