• in the advertisement, a nude model plays with the raccoon, which took months to go back to behaving normally.
  • the zoo rented to Thomas to advertising Art-Msk Agency last August, according to them, without knowing that he would make an announcement of this nature.


a small Zoo of the Russian capital, Moscow has reported to an agency of advertisements by using one of their raccoons urban, Thomas, in a erotic spot according to the British Daily Telegraph .

zoo rented to Thomas to the Agency’s advertising Art-Msk last August, according to them, not knowing that it was going to be an announcement of this nature.

according to the local press, were their own advertising that was elected to the raccoon since it was very manageable size, in addition to look like affable and cheerful .

but when they returned to the zoo, its leaders observed a “unhealthy attraction to breasts of women”.

was “in a kind State of shock ” and “it took two and three months returning to behave in a normal “, have denounced the local media carers of Thomas, who was traumatized.

Thomas was going to participate in the filming of a TV advertisement on household items, such as comforters and towels.

the Studio Art-Msk published photos and video on the internet, and they appears in the image the raccoon next to a naked woman . Raccoon caregivers complain that not warned them that he will participate in a erotic spot. [[