building in ruins after an attack in Damascus.

at least 47 Syrian Government troops and Islamic fighters have died in the past 24 hours in fighting in the north-eastern outskirts of Damascus, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

of those who died, at least 26 were members of the forces loyal to the President siri or, Bashar Al-Assad, including three officers. On the opposition side, at least 21 militiaman s lost their lives, of those who had committed two attacks suicide car bombs.

fighting involves several factions as the Agency release of del Levante – NATO armada of the Syrian exfilial of Al Qaeda-, the Islamic movement of the free of Sham and the Legion of mercy.

the body of liberation of the Levant announced the start of an offensive in the district University of Yobar, in the Northeast and near the old town of Damascus, that christened the battle “Dios servers, keep firm” .

However, the Government troops have launched in the last hours a counteroffensive in areas by which advanced yesterday his adversaries, as the station to the Abasiyin and the industrial area between the parties that dominate the factions in Yobar and the neighbouring district of to the Qabun.

warplanes carried out Monday ten bombs in Yobar which is also a goal of shooting of artillery.