• German Foreign Minister described as absurd the attacks of Erdogan.
  • “we are tolerant, but we are not fools”, the Minister said.
  • Erdogan has accused Germany and Merkel of “nazi attitude” personally.


the Minister of Foreign Affairs German, Sigmar Gabriel, called Sunday of “absurd” verbal attacks of Recep Tayyip Erdogan against Chancellor Angela Merkel and considered that the Turkish President “has exceeded a limit”.

are tolerant, but we are not fools “, the Minister said in statements to the Passauer Neue Presse in its Monday Edition.

Gabriel said to feel angry with the “unspeakable accusations and absurd comparisons” of recent weeks from Ankara. “Why I have made you very clear to my Turkish colleague that here is exceeded a limit”, he stressed.

these statements coincide with new accusations by Erdogan, who returned to accuse Germany and the Chancellor personally, keep “a nazi attitude” . This new attack joins numerous spills recently by the Turkish side as a result of the cancellation in the last days of campaign events of Turkish ministers in Germany.

bilateral relations had already been affected by the imprisonment in Turkey of the Deniz Yücel germano-turco correspondent in that country of the German newspaper Die Welt .