building in ruins after an attack in Damascus.

at least 85 people were killed and dozens were injured by bombing of the coalition led by United States in the past five days in Syria, reported the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

the NGO said that the Aviation of the Coalition antiyihadista “committed four massacres” in which killed civilians, among them children and women, in the province of Aleppo (North) and Al Raqa’i (northeast).

the Observatory explained that at least 27 civilians, including four children and eight women, were killed in air strikes on towns to the West of the city of Al Raqa’i, considered the Syrian “capital” of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (EI).

in addition, at least 58 died, of which 39 are civilians and 19 is unknown its identity, in a bombardment of that Alliance last Thursday against a mosque in the town of Alyina, located to the southwest of to the Atareb, which in turn is located to the West of Aleppo.

the U.S. Government confirmed that it carried out an attack on Syria on the organization Al Qaeda, in which believes that killed “dozens” of members of the terrorist network and he denied that a temple would be affected by such military action. Washington denied that the attack will impact in a mosque, they had targeted a building adjacent to it.

since the start of operations of the international coalition in September 2014, have died by civilians at least 890 bombing including 212 children, according to a count of the Observatory published in early March