• without denying their “objective intentions”, the Paris prosecutor said the investigation must determine the motives that drove him to act that way.
  • the father of Belgacem ensures that “it has never been an Islamist” but explained that “there are drugs of by means”.

 attacker of Orly

Orly offender research shot this Saturday at that airport Paris after having snatched the weapon to a military officer who patrolled in your terminal, continued Sunday to determine the motivations that led him to commit such an act.

the assailant, identified as Ziyed Ben Belgacem of French nationality, was shot dead three-shot by two coworkers assaulted the soldier patrol.

on Sunday underwent autopsy on the body, but its results have not been communicated.

Paris Prosecutor François Molins whose anti-terrorism section is responsible for investigations, stressed the determination with which acted Ben Belgacem, 39 years old, who was signed by the police for petty crime issues.

since first thing in the morning on Saturday he shot and fatally wounded gravity a police officer in the town of Garge les Gonesse until the aggression to the military, Belgacem appeared “embarked on a flight forward with an increasingly destructive process that grew”, in the words of the Prosecutor.

without denying its “objective intentions,” Molins said the investigation must determine the motives that drove him to act that way.

drug of medium


as in the registration of your found a small amount of cocaine and as the man was past much of the previous night in a bar, the autopsy is expected to reveal if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The research also focuses on the environment . In fact, his father, his brother and a cousin were arrested for questioning after the incident.

while the father was released this morning, the other two are still testifying. Belgacem called his father and his brother after firing the agent to say that he had committed “a nonsense”. After his release from the police station, the father spoke with radio Europe 1 to deny that his son would be an Islamist. “My son has never been a terrorist. He never prayed and drank alcohol. And when drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis these things happen,”said the father.

added that his son had asked him forgiveness for having shot an agent, but the father said to him he not forgave . The man went to a police station and was there where reported you that her son had been killed in Orly .

“I am impressed to know it, but it is what it is. When they are frequent drug … “, he said. The research also focuses on the possible radicalization of Belgacem identified by French intelligence services after a stay in prison between 2011 and 2012, according to the Prosecutor. But its follow-up did not allow to determine that the man, before being shot dead wing invoked was in contact with Islamist radical media.