• in construction since 1992, will be completed this year.
  • the longer path of the world across Canada from East to West by combining nature, sport and protecting the environment.

 'The Great Trail', in Canada

The Great Trail trail will be completed this year. Under construction since 1992, this huge road will have 24,000 kilometers of length spanning Canada from East to West, combining nature and landscapes, sport and protecting the environment. Thus, travel, free from motorised traffic, allows to enjoy the forests, rivers, roads or green roads while you go through 15,000 Canadian communities.

sporting activities such as cycling, horse-riding, skiing or water activities are other bids presenting the path. At present, available 21,500 kilometres of trail which has been built in order to cope with the sedentary lifestyle and for the protection of the environment.

The Great Trail has been formed by the union of more than 400 ancient trails, roads, lanes bike and the construction of new routes, always with a commitment by the nature conservation. Project managers say that four of every five Canadians will have available the nearest road stretch 30 minutes from their homes.

tourists, whether domestic or foreign, may access through the airports of the country, since most have a great accessibility to any of the stages of the route. In particular, from Spain two flights by Air Canada flights can be accessed to Toronto or Montreal. And, from there, discover any stage by domestic flights of the company, traveling to places like Reed Deer or Edmonton, where it is possible to choose between three itineraries.

on the other hand, anyone who decides to cross the trail may optimize your experience through the application for the mobile phone that has created Trans Canada Train organization of non-profit and in charge of developing the project. With this ‘app’, hikers can share images, create itineraries or make points of interest, among other things.