• a year ago the Government launched a campaign calling on the powers that they eliminated books that promote Western values or mess with the Communist Party.
  • a system of quotas could be established to ensure the ideological control, as it already exists in the world of cinema.
  • the Government would urge, Furthermore, publish more books of short stories written and illustrated by Chinese authors.
  • also might be a booksellers sales strategy so that parents build up books for fear of not be able to find them later.

<p> Peppa Pig “/> </p>
<p> the Chinese Government want <strong> protect </strong> children <strong> </strong> foreign influences and therefore has set a new enemy, the <strong> </strong> children’s books coming from abroad <strong> </strong>which, as he says a group of booksellers, will start to <strong> limited. </strong> </p>
<p> the Beijing authorities are preparing an order that will drastically reduce the number of foreign children’s stories published in the country, according to several sources in the publishing sector to the independent Hong Kong newspaper said <em> South China Morning Post. </em> </p>
<p> this is part of a campaign to reduce the influence of foreign ideas and <strong> improve the ideological control </strong> of this group, despite the fact that these texts have little or no political involvement. </p>
<p> Thus, these sources say that since the State administration it will impose a <strong> fees </strong>such as <strong> system already exists </strong> for example in the <strong> </strong> film world, which limit the number of foreign stories that are published each year in China. </p>
<p> this rule, which currently only has been transmitted to the booksellers of verbal form, urge in addition to publishers <strong> publish more stories </strong> written and illustrated by Chinese authors <strong> </strong>. </p>
<p> as well, one of the publishers interviewed ensures that books of <strong> of Japan and South Korea </strong> will now <strong> “little chance” to be published </strong> in China and permission for books <strong> other countries </strong> will be <strong> “very limited”. </strong> </p>
<p> in its information, the South China Morning Post <em> </em> ensures that it has tried to get in contact with the Beijing authorities to confirm this news but has not received a reply. </p>
<p> china is one of the most attractive markets for children’s publishers. <strong> </strong> foreign books have become increasingly popular <strong> </strong> among the 220 millions of young readers under the age of 14 years and are much more popular than the texts <strong>. </strong> </p>
<p> characters such as the pig, Peppa Pig, one of the best-selling stories in China, are an institution among Chinese children and could be affected by this Government protectionist measure. </p>
<p> in fact, the children’s books have become <strong> most lucrative segment of the market of books in China </strong> and last year, according to data provided by the daily Hong Kong, more than 40,000 titles were published between local and imported. </p>
<p> although they have not been many Chinese media that have echoed in this dispute, the official newspaper Global Times <em> </em> published a few days ago that several parents complained about the possible standard and ensured that many are <strong> preparing and buying the favorite books </strong> of their children if they could not find them then. </p>
<p> in fact, the article contains other opinions that say that this could be <strong> <strong> </strong> libraries strategy </strong> to <strong> increase sales </strong>. </p>
<p> for example, in the view of Chen Shaofeng, Deputy Director of the Institute of cultural industries of the Peking University, the information has yet to be published by “reliable” sources <strong> </strong> and the accusations at the moment are “unfounded”. </p>
<p> However, in another interview with the same official means, the head of a Beijing children publishing ensures that now it is costing you much longer get official permission to publish new works. </p>
<p> as well, as before, it took only three weeks to achieve the ‘yes’ of the local authorities, now takes more than two months, explains. </p>
<p> just a year ago, the Chinese Government threw a campaign </strong> <strong> <strong> </strong> universities and from the Ministry of education calling centers <strong> removed </strong> <strong> </strong> text books that promote Western values <strong> </strong> or defame the Communist Party <strong>. </strong> </p>
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