• pointed out that, 4.837 companies in this sector, only 21 are under suspicion.
  • all the health checks have been reinforced and that multiplied the number of inspections to companies after the fall of the mafia’s meat.

 mafia of meat Brazilian

the President of Brazil, Michel fear, guaranteed this Sunday to the society and ambassadors from many countries buying Brazilian meat that those products are healthy and that the mafia that adulteraba them already there and was only a “timely” case.

fear received today for a meeting, unusual one afternoon of Sunday, a score of ambassadors of countries which are among the 150 importers of Brazilian meat in order to respond to the doubts raised by a mafia that adulteraba these products, both for the local and external markets.

the meeting was held at the Presidential Palace of Planalto, where the President ensured that investigations have allowed us to disrupt a “small” group that was a member of that band and stressed the rigorous controls applied to Brazilian meat, “which have been recognized by all importers”, said.

pointed out that, 4.837 companies in this sector, only 21 are under suspicion, and that only thirty of the more than 10,000 prosecutors of health surveillance that there are in the country are involved.

“the object of research is not the Brazilian health surveillance system, but a few offsets of conduct of a few officials and a few corporations”, stressed.

“to reassure friends”, he said, adding that last year they departed from Brazil to other countries 853.000 shipments of meat and that only 184 “had problems, but because of the labels or minor issues, but in any case for its quality”.

fear said that the facilities of all meat companies that exist in the country “ are open for inspections or visits by importing countries ” and even invited the ambassadors to dinner today itself in a well-known restaurant of meats of Brasilia.

further explained that from the moment that broke the scandal, all the health checks have been strengthened and that multiplied the number of inspections to companies, even during this weekend.

economic engine in the meeting participated representatives of eight ministries, Federal Police, which is in charge of investigations, and the Chambers of Commerce of the agricultural sector and food, which is one of the engines of the economy of the country .

said at a press conference after the Minister of agriculture, Blairo Maggi, since the scandal erupted last Friday none of Brazilian meat-importing countries has expressed its intention to suspend such operations.

reiterated that the European Union (EU), China and other countries if asked explanations, what was considered “quite natural” and that Brazil “is ready to respond and clarify everything”.

However, and although I am confident that it will not happen, admitted that the issue “is worrying “, especially by the impact that might have a suspension of purchases of meat by “a group of countries”.

Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of beef and chicken, the fourth in the segment of pigs, and external sales of these three sectors accounted for 7.2% last year of this trade, with a 11.600 million dollars.

the greatest fear of the Government lies in possible sanctions to Brazilian meat, at a time when the country’s economy gives some warm signals of recovery after two years immersed in a severe recession.

the police reported that in these irregularities are involved public officials and executives of companies that sobornaban them so they endorse the adulteration of meat already expired.

among its practices, found the use of chemicals to enhance the appearance of meat the counterfeiting of labels with the date of validity or the inclusion of food unfit for consumption in the production of sausages.