• the final balance of fatalities is two people.
  • the missing person was identified as Rodrigo Job, 33-year-old. they found him in Villa María, Córdoba.
  • investigates the excess capacity in the concert, which caused the deadly avalanche.

 concert of Indio Solari

Argentine authorities located the last person who remained after last Saturday’s concert by the Indio Solari rocker in the Buenos Aires locality of Olavarria missing live killing two people local media reported.

the missing person was identified as Rodrigo Job, 33-year-old who the last morning was located in the town of Villa María (province of Cordoba Center of Argentina).

el Indio Solari was forced to interrupt his performance several times, when a wave of people exceeded those in charge of security and caused an avalanche who pushed to the attendees of the first rows.

according to estimates of the justice, investigating the facts, the event brought together close to 400,000 people while the campus grounds where they celebrated had capacity allowed less than half.

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