• the incident comes just days after the tragedy in a nearby Hostel in minors, which killed 40 children.
  • five people are retained in the State Center stage II.

 mutiny on a Guatemala juvenile Center

at least two monitors were killed and other five are injured and remain held by youths who rioted on Monday in a correction of children in Guatemala.

the National Civil Police (PNC) stated that there are in the interior of the State Center stage II 47 young people of the neighborhood gang 18 and 26 of them are “los inconformes” requesting the presence of the Procurator’s Office of human rights of the Office of the Attorney-General and judges.

during the riot, young took hostage seven monitors, who were beaten and to which took them to their radios, and also set fire to one of the sectors of the Center while they cried that they wanted them to supposedly kill gang members of a rival gang.

some tried to run up roofs and armed with sticks, ladders and utensils that had to reach, but a cordon of riot, that threw tear gas it prevented him from the perimeter.

the bodies of fire have confirmed the death of two people one of them already transferred, while several, including children inmates, were seen in the vicinity, by hits, poisoning of tear gas and also nervous breakdowns.

authorities still do not get to retake control of the Center because supposedly inmates are asked, among other things, that move to several “friends” and “partners” held in other correctional facilities this Center.

this incident occurs a few days that a fire at the hostel of lower home insurance Virgen de la Asunción, located in the same municipality, will leave 40 girls and adolescents dead and several injured .

in this shelter, in charge of the Secretariat of Social Welfare of the Presidency of Guatemala, a fire allegedly caused by the own young originated in some mats to protest against physical and sexual assaults suffered.