• Russia has selected as his representative for Eurovision to Julia Samóylova, a singer in a wheelchair affected by spinal muscular atrophy.
  • the Ukrainian media say that the artist acted in Crimea for two years, thus violating Ukrainian law to enter its territory without permission from Kiev.
  • the European Broadcasting Union has washed his hands.

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<p> the feud between <strong> Russia and Ukraine </strong> may splash <strong> Eurovision Festival </strong> that will host in may Kiev, when the Ukrainian authorities threaten to veto the entry into the country to the Russian representative </strong>Julia Samóylova, by having acted in the annexed Crimea with <strong>. </p>
<p> Russia maintained the suspense until the last day, amid insistent calls on the part of society to not go this year to the contest, and finally <strong> selected to Julia Samóylova </strong>a singer in a wheelchair, affected by spinal muscular atrophy. </p>
<p> soon remember that the young artist, about to turn 28 years old, acted two years ago at a concert in Crimea, the Ukrainian media <strong> thus violating Ukrainian law </strong> to enter without permission from Kiev in a territory that Ukraine considers theirs. “Russia has proposed a contestant that he crossed the border of Crimea illegally. This matter must be investigated by the Ukrainian special services”, said the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Viacheslav Kirilenko. </p>
<p> the Ukrainian Deputy Antón Gueraschenko, Advisor of the Minister of Interior, Arsén Avákov, warned that if Ukraine lets Samoylova in the country, should <strong> charges for illegally crossing the border </strong>a crime that is punishable by up to three years in prison. </p>
<p> while the European Union of broadcasters (EBU), organizer of the event, has washed their hands and <strong> has left the decision by the Ukrainian Government </strong>. “We understand and we respect the laws of Ukraine, but there are no objections to the Russian delegation by the EBU. We want all countries to participate, but the decision lies with the authorities of Ukraine and will respect it,”said about the Executive producer of Eurovision 2017, the Norwegian Jon Ola Sand. </p>
<p> the head of the security service of Ukraine (SBU, ex-KGB), Valili Gritsak, said recently that <strong> the decision still not are taken </strong>but given all the circumstances to prohibit the entry of Samoylova in Ukrainian territory. </p>
<p> own singer, music and foreign policy, career-centric acknowledged having acted in Crimea stating that I did not know that with that it violated Ukrainian laws. “All this is laughable, <strong> I do not understand so much commotion </strong>.” I don’t know, this seems strange to me,”he said Saturday in an interview with State television Rossiya. </p>
<p> the dream fulfilled participate in Eurovision and thus consolidate a musical career that has cost him a lot of effort, some of his more illustrious colleagues do not share it. “It’s okay that Julia has surpassed itself, which has overcome his illness and who sing. But <strong> do not recommend to participate in this trade show. “</strong> will be put on tray one more nationalists (Ukrainian) reason to insult Russia”, said Iosif Kobzón, one of the great Russian song. </p>
<p> the singer, who in addition to being Deputy of the Russian Parliament was born in the heart of East pro-Russian of Ukraine, believes that <strong> Russia should boycott Eurovision </strong> as that United States boycotted the Moscow 1980 Olympic Games once. “United States did not lose anything then and we do not lose anything by not allowing the rusofobos laugh of Russia”, said. </p>
<p> other critics argue that Russia must give up the festival by <strong> victory of Ukraine last year with the topic <em> 1944 </em> </strong> the singer’s Tartar Jamala, and the conflict between both countries in the East separatist pro-Russian. </p>
<p> Jamala song referred to <strong> the deportation of the Crimean Tatars </strong> at the hands of the USSR during the second world war, which was denounced by Moscow for its political nature. </p>
<p> the participation of Russia in the edition of this European song contest Kiev was in doubt from the moment of the Ukrainian victory. The choice of Samoylova, announced <strong> a one hour that is depleted the term </strong> to register participants in Eurovision, was also surrounded by controversy. </p>
<p> many criticized the choice of a performer in a wheelchair who suffers a severe degenerative disease and pointed at <strong> a </strong> intentionality taking that decision, especially in a country in which the collective of handicapped persons is invisible and where, suffering from disabilities remains a stigma. </p>
<p> “it sounds disgusting, but should not be carried away by deception. Maybe Julia Samóylova is a wonderful singer, but <strong> its main ‘attraction’ is the wheelchair “</strong>wrote music critic Artiom Troitski this week.” </p>
<p> Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Ukraine for the second time in its history </strong><strong> since 2005 this country hosted the popular contest, although it is now mired in a deep economic crisis. </p>
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