• the main Scottish Minister requested approval to agree on a second ballot with the British Government.
  • Theresa May already warned that it would reject the proposal.
  • Sturgeon warned that it would convene a referendum if Scotland was “taken from the European Union against their will”.

 Scottish election victory British

the Minister Scottish main, Nicola Sturgeon asked Tuesday to Parliament regional Edinburgh permission to accord with the British Government the terms of a second referendum on independence for Scotland.

the leader filed a motion that “authorizes the Government Scottish to promote talks with the British Government about the details of an order under the protection of section 30 of the Scotland Act 1998 to ensure that Parliament Scottish can legislate for the call for a referendum”.

after discussion, regional members will vote on Wednesday the motion, which likely will be approved with the votes the ruling SNP and Green Party amounting to 69 seats in the 129 that has Holyrood (Edinburgh) camera.

May reject it

British Prime Minister Theresa May said last week that rejected the request of the leading independence, considering that “now is not the time” for a second consultation, when the country should be “attached” to deal with the negotiations with Brussels for the brexit.

introducing the text, Sturgeon said that his Government has an “unquestionable democratic mandate” having won elections in 2016 with a manifesto in which he said that he would convene a second plebiscite, after which it lost in 2014, if Scotland was “pulled out of the European Union against their will”.

also accused May of having ignored their proposals to ensure that Scotland which voted to stay in the EU in the British referendum last June 23, keep access to the single market after the departure of the United Kingdom block.

three groups will vote against

the Prime Minister says that he has heard suggestions of autonomies, but ruled out granting any preferential treatment .

have announced that they will vote against the motion presented the Conservative Party Scottish, the second political force in the region with 31 seats, the Labour Party with 23, and the liberaldemocratas with 5 members.

the tories Scots, led by Ruth Davidson also indicate that a plebiscite without “political consent”, should be organized not in the eventuality of Executive Scottish could promote one without the approval of London.