• USA has announced an investigation into this attack that took place last Thursday, although he stressed that you occurred at Iraqi request.
  • “our goal has always been zero fatalities, but the Coalition will not forsake its commitment by inhumane tactics of Islamic State”, they say.
  • the Iraqi army with the support of the United States began on 17 October the offensive to oust the Islamic State of Mosul, their last bastion in Iraq.

 offensive in Mosul.

the army of United States has recognized this Saturday involvement in the Thursday bombing in Mosul which killed around 200 civilians according to information from the UN. Why has announced an investigation into this attack, but emphasizes that you occurred at the Iraqi request and denounces the use of human shields by the Islamic State.

“the initial review of the bombings carried out between 16 and 23 March data suggests the Coalition bombardment to fighters and material from the Islamic State at the request of the Iraqi security forces in the place where it is assumed that there had been civilian casualties”, according to the military statement.

as a result, action joint-operation resolution inherent force has opened a evaluation of credibility of civilian casualties formally “to determine the facts related to this attack”. The military statement underlines that the Coalition respects human life and that “that we are helping our Iraqi partners forces to liberate their land from the Islamic State”.

“our goal has always been zero fatalities but the Coalition won’t abandon its commitment due to the inhumane tactics of Islamic State”, which accused of “terrorizing civilians, using human shields, and combat from protected locations such as schools, hospitals and civilian neighbourhoods”.

Finally, the Coalition recalls that published monthly a report with the cases of civilian casualties classified according to “credible, not credible or yet to assess”. “The coalition forces comply with the law of armed conflict and take all reasonable precautions during the planning and execution of the air strikes to reduce the risk of damage to civilians,” the note concluded.

the Iraqi Defense Minister, Irfan Mahmud Hayali, has also ordered to open an immediate investigation to clarify what happened on Thursday in Mosul, as reported by the Ministry of defence.

offensive against Mosul

the Iraqi army with the support of United States began on October 17 the offensive to oust the Islamic State of Mosul, the last large Iraqi city controlled from its advance 2014 lightning which allowed them to declare the Caliphate in the regions of Iraq and Syria under his domain.

a 255,000 people have had to flee Mosul and its surroundings including more than 100,000 who have left since the beginning on 19 February a new Government offensive, according to figures from the UN since October.

as the forces of the Islamic State continue its withdrawal towards the old town supported by the fire of snipers, mortars and armored vehicles with suicide, aware that the taking of Mosul would be a coup fatal for the Caliphate proclaimed in 2014.

United States believes there is a 2,000 fighters jihadists in Mosul, but although it will conquer the city still remains there is the risk of the militia to resume the tactic of guerrilla war and terrorist attacks that already know.