• the submitted amount was 300,000 million dollars, according to estimates of Trump: 2% of the annual defence of Germany from 2012 budget.
  • USA puts a deadline until the end of 2017 so allies increase their income to NATO.
  • Trump accuses Germany of owe “large sums of money”.
  • German Defense Minister responds: “Don’t have debts with NATO”.

 meeting at the White House

the President of the United States, Donald Trump Angela Merkel Chancellor gave German the last weekend an invoice amounting to 300,000 million dollars so that the American leader paid what believes that it is “a debt contracted by Germany with NATO” , in a gesture that caused the concern of the German delegation, according to sources in the Government of Berlin.

‘scandalous’, describe these sources the gesture of Trump, who has repeatedly accused the countries members of the NATO of neglecting its economic obligations to the Atlantic Alliance at the expense of the United States, a country which, according to its President is which assumes a exaggerated economic burden.

according to sources quoted by the British newspaper Sunday The Times Merkel merely ignore this invoice without saying a word during an uncomfortable Exchange private impressions. The amount of this invoice was obtained according to estimates of Trump: a 2% of the annual defense budget of Germany from 2012 and interest.

“the mere concept is simply incredible. “Had no more objective than the intimidate the interlocutor”, have declared these sources about the gesture of the U.S. President.

sources close to the Chancellor lamented “unorthodox vision” of the President of the United States on the matter. “NATO is not a club where you pay monthly. The commitments that each country acquires are always related to their defence budgets”, they said.