• the Deputy Minister Eufrosina Santa Maria has been dismissed after appear images that took in Sun as Peru struggles against the storm.
  • in his letter of resignation, has regretted to leave his post “in these difficult times”.
  • so far, the phenomenon of ‘Coastal child’ has claimed 90 deaths.

 Deputy Minister Eufrosina Santa Maria

a Peruvian Deputy Minister has been removed once a television station showed images in which is seen sunbathing in bikini in a swimming pool, while members of the Cabinet attending the emergency facing Peru for rains and flooding.

“Has been dismissed”, has emphasized on Monday the President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, questioned by journalists by the decision against Santa Eufrosina Maria, who was Deputy Minister of development and agrarian infrastructure and irrigation.

Saturday, a Government resolution reported that is had accepted the resignation of Santa Maria to the Ministry of agriculture and irrigation, since advancements of a news story that was going to present the Sunday program Panorama, be disseminated in recent days the local Panamericana Television chain.

overview report the now former was captured last week soaking up the Sun in a pool, Bikini, and then skating and riding bicycle, all that, supposedly, in office hours and using official vehicles of the State.

90 dead and 20 missing

in his letter of resignation, published by local media, the former regretted having to leave his post “in these difficult times for the country” but said that he did not want to “harm the image of the Ministry”.

Peru faces from a December climate emergency caused by the phenomenon of ‘El Niño coastal’, which is manifested when the warming of the Pacific Ocean generated heavy rains, flooding and mudslides along the coast of the country, mainly in the North and Centre, including Lima.

the climate phenomenon has left, so far, 90 dead, 20 missing, 347 injured, 120.899 victims and 742.101 affected, in addition to having destroyed 14.301 homes and 40 schools, as well as affected other 164.386 houses and 1,391 schools.