• had hidden in their luggage.
  • was arrested at the airport.
  • various animals had died by suffocation or crushed.

 illegal trade of birds

the Mexican authorities arrested a Spanish when he wanted to travel to Germany in Cancun (Mexico) with 168 birds hidden in his luggage, said on Sunday the Attorney Federal protection to the environment (PROFEPA).

the arrest took place Cancun International Airport during registration of luggage, detected that the Spanish had in his suitcase live birds, indicated the PROFEPA in a statement.

birds “presented a high degree of stress” due to poor transport conditions and 16 of them had died by suffocation or crushing, for what the Spanish citizen was presented before the public prosecutor, the official source added.

the Spanish wanted to travel with 73 “pechi coffee, fat peak and trigillo” birds and 93 species “tile Butterfly”, appearing in a Mexican official list with the ‘special protection status’, according to the authorities.

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