• would be the third test by Pyongyang in recent weeks.
  • the technology used could involve the launch of an intercontinental missile.
  • Korea’s North try without success a missile, according to reports from Seoul and Washington.
  • Kim Jong Un, on ballistic trials: “a new birth” for the country.

 Kim Jong - an observing a missile

Korea of the North would have carried out another test of a launch of a ballistic missile a week after the South Korean army report of another test by Pyongyang which would have ended in failure.

sources of the Department of Defense of United States to chain CNN confirmed the launch, which would be the third Pyongyang carried out in recent weeks using similar technology.

one of the sources said that preliminary data points to engine technology used in this trial could mean a possible launch of an intercontinental missile .

as well as of the last week, Japanese and South Korean officials confirmed earlier this month the launch of four ballistic missiles by North Korea.

currently there is a tension on the Korean peninsula climate after the recent nuclear and ballistic trials carried out by Pyongyang, criticized by almost all of the international community.

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