• boat and Juventus are the protagonists of the quarter-finals of the Champions League.
  • will be set up special flights destination Turin between 11 and 19 April.
  • for the second encounter, at the Camp Nou, will feature special flights between 19 and 20 April.
  • teams that face in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.
  • poll: which team you think will win the Champions League?

 Vueling Vueling 

<p> “/> has launched a special operation of flights between Barcelona and Italy to the quarterfinals of the Uefa Champions League, which face <strong> FC Barcelona and Juventus of Turin on 11 and April 19, </strong> has informed the airline Tuesday in a statement. </p>
<p> for the first meeting, which will be in Turin, Vueling will feature an extra flight from Barcelona to the Piedmontese capital day 11 in the morning, that will be added to the flight regular Turin to Barcelona day 12 evening. </p>
<p> for the second encounter, at the Camp Nou, the company will have <strong> eight special flights between 19 and April 20, </strong>not only from Turin, but also from other Italian cities that have a large number of fans of Juventus, as Rome, Milan, Naples and Catania. </p>
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