• of U.S. Attorney general urges “sanctuary cities” that work together to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants and those who have committed crimes.
  • some 200 local authorities protect the deportation to immigrants, including big cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago or New York.

  • the President already threatened to cut federal funding to them.

<p> Jeff Sessions “/> </p>
<p> the Attorney general of the United States, Jeff Sessions, urged Monday the so-called “sanctuary cities” to cooperate with the federal authorities for <strong> arrest and deport the undocumented </strong> and those immigrants who have committed <strong> a crime. </strong> </p>
<p> “when cities and States are refusing to help us enforce our laws, our country is less secure. <strong> These policies do not can continue,”</strong> said Sessions, who appeared by surprise at the daily White House Press Conference. “Not to deport immigrants who have been convicted of crimes endangers all our communities <strong>“, </strong> added the Attorney general. </p>
<p> Sessions announced that States, counties and cities seeking the Justice Department grants </strong> <strong> will have to demonstrate that they comply with federal laws <strong> </strong> and persecute the immigrants who have committed crimes or who came to the country <strong> irregularly. </strong> </p>
<p> the Justice Department grants include funds for training the local police </strong> and economic items for the acquisition of new equipment <strong> <strong></strong> as body cameras that officers wear on their uniforms. “We have simply come at the end of this policy,” said Sessions. </p>
<p> the President of USA, Donald Trump, signed in January an executive order <strong> </strong> to resurrect the programmes of cooperation between the local police and immigration authorities and to <strong> cut off from certain federal funds </strong> to the so-called “sanctuary cities”, definition that includes a <strong> 200 cities, </strong> counties and other jurisdictions in the United States to protect immigrants from deportation. </p>
<p> leaders of these “sanctuary cities”, as the Mayor of New York <strong></strong> </strong> <strong> Bill de Blasio, have rejected proposals for Trump and have ensured that their cities would remain a “sanctuary”. </p>
<p> “Sanctuary cities” <strong> refuse to report to the Government </strong> of the immigration status of detainees to avoid their deportation. </p>
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