• the clash occurred at a level crossing that has no barriers or alarms.
  • already there was an accident in that same place in February.

 two who died in a train accident at a crossing in the Netherlands

two people died this Monday to the being overwhelmed by a train when they crossed with their car a step to level near the town of Harlingen, in the North of Holland, reported the Dutch railway management ProRail company.

are the victims, whose body has not been revealed, an adult and a child who had been hiking in the morning on a farm close to the level crossing, said the public broadcaster of Dutch television us. As a result of the collision with the train, the car was displaced 250 meters.

the level crossing is a private crossing indicated with a cross and light warning signal, but has no barriers or alarms, said in a statement, ProRail, which added that the light signals operated properly at the time of the accident. The company, the police and the Department of environment and transport study now the precise causes of the accident.

in the same level crossing already occurred an accident in February past although only with a wounded light, which led to the authorities and the owner of the land where the cross stands to begin discussions on the security of it.

in Holland there are about 120 steps at the level of this type, which are on private land and they have fewer security measures, said ProRail, who advocated this Monday to increase security or eliminate them as soon as possible.