• the last month the Government approved a new law that opens the market to other actors apart from the taxi companies.
  • new regulation requires to be installed in vehicles seat sensors, taximeters and surveillance cameras.
  • been concretised as closing date of its services on April 18.

 über in Madrid

Uber, the company that connects to vehicles with driver with potential passengers, announced Tuesday that will end with its services in Denmark as a result of a new law on taxi agreed in this Scandinavian country.

the right minority Government and main opposition parties agreed last month on a law that opens the market to others apart from the taxi companies, while at the same time forcing for example install in vehicles seat sensors, taximeters and surveillance cameras.

“we must draw conclusions from that law that is on the table, and just as it is now, not can follow, neither drivers nor passengers . So we have decided to close”, said today at a press conference Denmark, Kristian Agerbo über spokesman.

über alluded to the difficulty posed for drivers to meet the equipment requirements since they use their own private cars for the service.

the Danish subsidiary of us company will close its services on April 18 date in which will stop access to your application from this Nordic country, that über says having 2,000 drivers and 300,000 customers.

a despite the closure of the service, which the company hopes that non-definitive, über will continue having a center of technological development in Aarhus (West of Denmark).