• he came to weigh 595 kilos and was at risk of imminent death.
  • has managed to lose nearly 30% of their body weight.
  • stomach reduction will take place in two interventions.
  • VIDEO: the world’s most obese man weighing 500 kilos.


Juan Pedro, who, with 595 kilos became the world’s most obese man, ready to to enter the operating room on 9 may in the Mexican city of Guadalajara after lost almost 30% of its weight body, informed medical sources on Tuesday.

at the time of being heavy on Tuesday, Juan Pedro had lost little more than 175 kg, in 419 pounds. Although it remains one of the world’s most obese men, weight loss provides you with the opportunity to undergo surgery with one lower risk, said the Center Gastric Bypass Mexico.

in a statement, centre specialises in obesity surgery indicated that three months later that is put on treatment in the hands of the doctor José Castañeda Cruz the patient will be involved in the facilities of the Hospital gardens of Guadalajara.

Juan Pierre, native of Aguascalientes was visited in November 2016 by Castaneda at his home, where he was prostrate in a bed forged by his family specifically to support its weight.

the surgeon Bariatric, obesity specialist, included it within those deemed as of social assistance centre out along each year.

shock treatment medical team organized Juan Pedro moved to Guadalajara, where he was subjected to tests and reviews, as well as a shock treatment to meet as soon as possible a surgery.

Juan Pedro came to Guadalajara with diabetes type II uncontrolled, hypertension lung disease (COPD) chronic obstructive and hypothyroidism, which joined his great overweight ranked it as a candidate for imminent death.

the treatment consisted of a balanced diet designed for, without starving, I could go down weight to achieve a reduction that gave him greater opportunities for the surgical process. Gastric Bypass

the patient you will be a gastric bypass with biliopancreatic in two times: in May next reduce you stomach its current five litres to more than 40 CL, and around November will be a second intervention that will allow you a lower absorption of the food they eat.

it is expected that Juan Pedro can up to 50% their weight loss remaining in the next six months and almost a third part after the second intervention.
You must then be attended via plastic surgery to rid it of more than 30 pounds of skin that will be him leftovers.

it is estimated that you for the end of 2018, Juan Pedro might weigh about 110 kilos, with an absolute improvement in all their pathologies and the possibility of remaking and continue with their lives, said the statement.