Monday, April 24, 2017
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Tag: activists

Crimes against activists and journalists in Mexico enjoy total impunity, denounces UN

EFE the rate of impunity is "extremely high"...

Procannabis activists distributed 4,200 joints in the nomination of Donald Trump

ANA GONZÁLEZ LÓPEZ the spokesman of an asociaciación...

Greenpeace activists climb several statues of London to protest pollution

EFE The police have arrested four people. The aim is to pressure the next mayor of the city...

Morocco expelled from the country two Femen activists for protesting against homophobia

EFE stripped naked from the waist up to the rostrum of Beni Mellal that he judged a homosexual who was...

Three Israeli rockets fall in an area south of Damascus, according to activists

EFE The shells landed in the area of ​​Jabal al Manaa in Damascene and close to the road linking the...

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